Perl is dynamic

Adaptation to change


A technical solution : localized "open source"

The result and the possible uses

Present stage and planning

Software users

Often, software designers despise their users. User should be prevented from doing silliness, his action must be limited, anyway, he can't understand what the designers have written for him.

But let's have a look how things are moving. Macro langages become more and more complex. Lots of software are now so complex and advanced, that you have to be taught just how to use them. And companies would rather engage an engineer to set these softwares up.

As a conclusion, serious users of more and more complex softwares shouldn't be ashamed of their abilities. But software designers should be ashamed of what they deliver to users. Of course, they are users that can't process data, like they are people that can't read. But you can't restrain all users just because of a few ones.

Then let's talk about all this waste ! Why do complex softwares always invent a new langage which is limited and full of bugs ? Why can the people who will have to learn this new langage do nothing with that langage out of the software it was designed for ? Why couldn't we use the same macro langage that was used to design the software ?

Some will answer with no hesitation that the langage fitted for the design is not fitted for the use. I do think that a langage which is not fitted for little tasks (a macro or a script) is still less fitted to write a complex software.

So how can we stop all this waste ? How can a serious user not be limited and locked up by a specific langage in a specific software ? Freedom...