Perl is dynamic

Adaptation to change


A technical solution : localized "open source"

The result and the possible uses

Present stage and planning

Localized open-source : comprehensive view

The result is just freedom and simplicity ! The user does not learn any stupid and limited langage. He can be sure of that because the macro-langage he uses is the same as the langage which was used to design the software.

The result is just encapsulation (or abstraction). Compared to standard "open source", the user doesn't have to work in detail a mountain of code before he can do a big mistake. Abstraction is the only way to keep control on things more and more complex. Why should we understand the complete code of a software when we just want to modify a slight part ? If code is really well set up, then it should be understood by little pieces independent enough. No body talks about self-introducing of code by the software itself in designing methods. But couldn't it be a powerful tool of self-documentation and self-partition ?

The result is just recycling. Why do people invent endlessly new langages for new specific tasks ? How many millions of hours spoilt in syntax errors and arbitrary limitations with these new langages ? Some will say, stupidly, that it makes us live. No, under-productivity is for poor and fool people. Graduates don't want to spend 5 days on a task that could be done in just one day with a true langage.

The source of (materialistic) wealth, in every civilization, is productivity. But I have the feeling that trade, in its extreme logic, tends to make people less and less productive (and then, tends to grow us poorer and poorer...decadence). For technicians, under-productive tasks are not at all interesting.

Localized open-source : for which softwares ?

Everywhere you want to be able to adapt to change quickly and without limit, localized open-source could be used :

Then, everywhere... Nowadays, static design is a bit like when, long ago, we used to design straightly in machine code. Compilation costed a lot of time : what was the interest to add this step ? Yes, it's true, dynamic langages are a little slowlier. But computers are so faster now...