Perl is dynamic

Adaptation to change


A technical solution : localized "open source"

The result and the possible uses

Present stage and planning

Perl editor

Here are the features of the current editor module :

The editor program that uses the module adds the following features :

What is planned for version 1.0, perhaps for the end of 2009 :

Vital problems to solve in future versions :

Dynamic software generator

Some tests made in august 2006 showed me how dynamic softwares can be enjoyable and powerful :

Unhappily, I had to know the exact file that perl was "evaluating" and I had to use an external editor to modify the code. An automodifiable software is realistic only with an editor written with the same langage as the software.

Generator will then come after the editor. We can imagine a simplified version in 2009, and, let's be crazy, a modifiable software done with it in 2010...

Development speed and delivery dates

At the beginning, I believed I would have finished an editor at the end of 2008. But, starting to write documentation, I understand better the huge task still to be done. Actually, I had 2 possibilities : With the few provided explanations and the already existing demos in "" program, it's no use any more to make demo versions. You may surely imagine now the great benefits in term of productivity and usability that dynamic programming could bring.