Perl is dynamic

Adaptation to change


A technical solution : localized "open source"

The result and the possible uses

Present stage and planning


Everybody can have and propose his solution. I have "the luck" to have participated to the maintenance of a huge, complex and hundred percent specific software of a company (designer) as to have configured complex softwares designed for a large amount of companies (user).

The solution I provide here do not try to exist in a commercial way : it's then doomed to failure.

But it seems to me the most technically fitted, the most productive, the one that respects better the users. Moreover, this solution limits the communications between designers and (unhappy) users because the latter are more autonomous : when you are a designer, you learn that modules have to exchange the least possible information between them.

Localized open source

A possible solution is dynamic open source with automatic placement in the code thanks to the running software.

What does that mean ?

When I make an action in a software, I must have immediate access to the code linked to this action, and this access must be the closest possible from the place where I run the action. For instance, the code of a button clic could be accessed by a right clic on the button. This is automatic placement in the code of the software while it's running.

Dynamic adds the following feature : when you are in the code, you can update it and test your modifications at once without having to restart the software.

What do we need to realise that ?

We need a dynamic langage, the most accessible possible. A langage which remains obvious when the task is obvious but which does not prevent you from doing difficult tasks. Why not perl ?

We need an editor in this langage which will be called each time you want to update the code.

We need a generator of dynamically modifiable software. Yes, the aim is not to make the task of the designer more difficult because he would have to check each time if its code is accessible. The aim is to have this task done without thinking of it. The designer would use the generator like any RAD tool, visually, and the result of the generation would be a dynamically modifiable software. Well, in a perfect world, the generator should place itself in the generated application.