Perl is dynamic

Adaptation to change


A technical solution : localized "open source"

The result and the possible uses

Present stage and planning

Perl is dynamic

Lots of people think that perl is not very rigorous because a "scalar" variable may contain either a string or a number.
Yes, maybe perl shouldn't be used to learn machine limits. In fact, perl is closer to you and try to understand what you tell him. Variables are just dynamic. If you are a beginner and don't know about the content of your own variables, maybe you should... use a static langage (maybe I should do the same after all !).
But if you don't want to make endless and uninteresting conversions of variables from different types, then you'll be more productive with a dynamic langage.
Of course, dynamism is not limited to variables. Perl extends this to code too.

I'm fed up with static applications. The more complex they get (to try to fulfill anybody needs) the more specialized you become :

Maybe there is another track that would allow us to be quickly an expert with many applications without having to learn specialized limited macro-langages. Lazyness...
Maybe we'll be a little more productive, one day. More productivity with equal need (don't be so materialistic) should lead to less time work and ecology (or unemployment and massive pollution if people are too greedy !).

Some people would say : "Perl is not the only dynamic langage in the world". True but it's surely the most "unlimited accessible".